Volume One of the Muse of Mischief: Trella – now available from Amazon

The Muse of Mischief is a modern day superheroine, she’s no damsel-n-distress. Not just another female version of a male superhero, she IS female empowerment. Hidden on Earth as a child to be raised by humans, she travels the Universe with her loyal companion Agent Brzko and a team of crime fighting aliens to vanquish the villains, all the while trying to find out just what she is and where she’s from. She has super human strength and the ability to travel through space and time. As an advocate for all beings, she has been serving the Universe since she was young, with the charismatic, jump off the page action of a female created superhero.The Muse of Mischief Volume One: Trella will introduce you to the team of heroes and take you back to where it all began, Trella. Join the Muse of Mischief and her team while they track down and rescue the abandoned Rogsaar explorers, subdue the super villain the Brusher, and narrowly escape the VReoria. It’s a real page turner that will leave you eagerly anticipating Volume Two!