Aberidus – a respiratory disease resulting from the inhalation of spores that reside in soil.

Bispork – a species of four-legged rideable beings with the ability to speak. They resemble small dinosaurs with humps; they run very fast and enjoy transporting riders. Because they can speak they are treated like beloved pets.

Bivoor – one of the three beings from Myaad, they are asexual. Bivoors are responsible for the administration work in their society. They look like all Myaads with pale skin, messy white hair and black eyes. They tend to be shorter and more petite than Dumeers and Rogsaars.

Black Sea Planet – a dangerous planet covered entirely in water. The native inhabitants are aquatic, but many nefarious beings now inhabit the planet on floating structures, making it dangerous.

Burdohnirc – aquatic creatures from Drolla O0. They are comprised of numerous small creatures that rummage and feed on their own, but they are connected and actually a single being. They are colorful with long flowing fins.

Cazoova – a planet of entertainment. Cazoovians are hoofed animals that race, similar to the horse races on Earth. The planet is ruled by a governing council that attempts to ensure the Cazoovians are not exploited.

Chyke 2C95 – a planet that is covered in active volcanoes. Because of the lava and the Haplogawas, the surface of the planet is uninhabitable. The occupants live in underground lava caves.

Ciic – the current leader of the planet Suus.

Clyrea X9 – possibly a planet where beings like the Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko may have originated. The exact location of the planet is not known.

Drolla O0 – a planet where foods such as niptdyn is grown. They also produce products like espidrun. Markets and trading centers for everything they produce are located on Smd, one the planet’s moons.

Dumeers – one of the three beings from Myaad, they are asexual. Dumeers are responsible for tangible operations (i.e. housing, food production, etc.) in their society. They look like all Myaads with pale skin, messy white hair and black eyes. They tend to be stocky and more muscular than Bivoors and Rogsaars.

Earth – an infantile planet where the Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko were hidden as children. Although some Earthlings suspect that they are not alone in the Universe, Earthlings in general incorrectly think that they are the center of the Universe. The planet is not considered safe. There are numerous cultural problems such as famine, disease, violence, and oppression.

Espidrun – a liquor made from fermented niptdyn on Drolla O0. It is hot pink in color and lets off blue steam when it’s poured. Espidrun is marketed in beautiful bottles made of heated titanium.

Foskpruchu – a planet in the Glion Galaxy where they speak in confusing parables and riddles.

G’ist – a Xinood. Like all Xinoods his skin and hair is as black as obsidian, his eyes are bright green. Except when angry, then they turn bright red. G’ist is in a relationship with the Rogsaar that was stranded on Xinood 5.

Gaznzul – a small planet with a population of agamic beings. Gaznzulians are intelligent and loyal, they have the utmost integrity. Their mastery of technological gadgets has helped them to become the most highly sought after security service providers in the Universe. They are reflective. To Ploosnarians they look Ploosnarian, to Sarfets they look Sarfet. Very few beings ever see a Gaznzulian without their reflection.

Glion Galaxy – a peaceful galaxy with many planets. One way to reach it is via the portals on the Planet of Portals.

Haplogawa – a very large bipedal lizard that inhabits the surface of Chyke C295. They have large mouths, sharp teeth, and eat anything they can get a hold of.

Kiik -the lead researcher on the planet Suus.

Kilome – a designer working at Schatorren Designs on Ploosnar. He his half Ploosnarian and half Sarfet. He is the Muse of Mischief’s favorite fashion designer.

League of Mongers – a group of interplanetary exploiters, criminals.

Lecur – a small community east of the palace on Ploosnar. Previously roinad was processed here but recently it was used as a gathering place for the abandoned Rogsaars.

Leel – white flowers with nebulas at the center of each. From Suus, they grow on vines and have a pleasant smell.

Lusimis – a paste made from legumes. It’s a delicacy on Ploosnar.

Mahb – the leader of Otherworld in ancient Ireland. She resides in Sidhe with other Irish Faeries but has the ability to travel between Earth and Otherworld. The extent of her power is unknown.

Muum – Ciic’s husband.

Myaad – a planet with no surface water. There are three types of beings on Myaad, Bivoors, Dumeers, and Rogsaars. They are parthenogenetic breeders that use hives to incubate their young. Each type of being is physically identical to the others in their group. However, they are individuals due to independent thought and life experiences. Recently the disease aberidus decimated their population. All Myaads have pale skin, white hair and black eyes. Bivoors function as administrators; Dumeers function as operation specialists, and Rogsaars function as explorers.

Naan – the ruling family on the planet Suus.

Nekmid – a liquor that is colorless. It takes like spicy teriyaki sauce and is very potent. It is available throughout the Universe.

Niptdyn – a delicious fungus grown on Drolla O0, available in the markets on Smd. It is fermented to make the liquor espidrun.

Planet of Portals – a planet with small communities, each containing different types of portals. Some lead to random places; some lead to specific places. All portals are one way. The portals are often used by desperate beings or criminals. There are a few restricted portals that lead to different times. Trelods are the native species on the planet.

Ploosnar – a planet with three suns and the only planet where roinad is mined. Ploosnarians are humanoids that have three hearts and bright blue eyes. All citizens benefit from the roinad empire, they want for nothing. Because of the roinad all plant life on the planet is blue. There is virtually no crime here; Ploosnarians are honorable and hard working. Emperor Bartala is responsible for running the roinad empire.

Pragma – a cross between grass and fruit that looks like a long, slimy blade of grass. It is considered a delicacy on Ploosnar with both a sweet and savory flavor.

Prujelst – a small bird on the Planet of Portals. Where one is said to have prujelst bumps when cold or creeped out.

Rogsaar – one of the three beings from Myaad, they are asexual. Rogsaars are the explorers of Myaad; responsible for establishing trade partnerships for supplies and knowledge. When there was an outbreak of aberidus on Myaad they were all stranded on other planets in the Universe and left to survive on their own. They look like all Myaads with pale skin, messy white hair and black eyes. They are larger than Bivoors and strong, but not as muscular Dumeers.

Roinad – a regenerating element mined exclusively on Ploosnar. It’s bright blue and used in everything from atmospheric filters to fabrics. The mining methods used are considered sustainable. All Ploosnarians receive a portion of the profits from roinad.

Sarfets – native to Drolla O0, they are empathic humanoids with angled noses and flared nostrils. Because Drolla O0 produces and markets many products, most Sarfets work as producers or traders.

Schatorren – a Ploosnarian fashion designer and tailor. He is the founder of Schatorren Designs, the favorite designer of Empress Nalau.

Scorchbrooke, Oregon – established around 1857, it is now a ghost town between Pendleton and Hardman, Oregon. Rogsaar was stranded here when there was an outbreak of aberidus on Myaad.

ShyUst – a Gaznzulian, he is second in command to Zri.

Smd – a moon of Drolla O0, is home to many trading posts and retail markets.

Suus – a planet of advanced beings. The Suus are tall with green skin, four arms, and tails. They do not have mouths. They communicate through telepathy and feed on vapors. They have devoted themselves to cataloging everything they can into a massive database. They also frequently assist in benevolent efforts throughout the Universe.

Sw’dell – a sea dwelling creature that looks like a hermit crab. Their shells look as though they are made of glass.

Trelods – are native to the Planet of Portals. They have bright blue skin, no hair and frequently integrate into other cultures. They have phenomenal memories, some claim to be able to remember every moment of their lives. Lelelu is a Trelod.

Unilond – a city on the Planet of Portals. All of the portals here lead to places in the Glion Galaxy. This is where Agent Brzko first interviewed Lelelu.

Vassbr – a waterfront city on the Planet of Portals. All of the portals here lead to random places.

Viiv – a family on Suus that feels they are entitled to rule. They attempted to assassinate Ciic before she could ascend to the throne.

VReoria – a species that attempts to enslave others, any species they cannot enslave they attempt to exterminate. Long ago they enslaved Dragona, but were eventually overthrown and thought to have been exterminated.

Wrexna – a planet with great technology and bad food.

Xinood 5 – a planet with humanoids. There is also a Xinood 1, 2, 3, and 4. But only 4 and 5 are inhabited. Xinoods are as black as obsidian with bright green eyes. Their eyes turn blazing red with they are angered. They are a highly intellectual species that values education and relies on trading for income. G’ist is a Xinood.