The time that the Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko had been out of contact with their team had been very stressful for Zri. He’d spent almost the entire time pacing back and forth, across the bridge of his ship. When they returned to the bridge, he did something he rarely does, and never in front of his crew, he displayed emotion.

He rushed over to M and grabbed her. “Muse of Mischief, you’re back!” He released her, stiffened slightly, gaining control of his emotions, and turned to Brzko. “Agent Brzko, I’m relieved to see you.” He said, extending his hand and grasping Brzko’s elbow.

They stood looking at each other, M finally broke the silence. “I think we should gather everyone together so that Brzko and I only have to go over this once. Zri, can you have them all transport here?”

“Of course, of course.” He looked at ShyUst who was already on it.

Ferocity was the first to arrive. “Lord Brzko!” He said telepathically, as he embraced his bond.

It took less than two minutes for them all to arrive, they headed down to the lower level of the ship. The room that had been set for the group’s comfort on the trip to Trella has been returned to it’s normal, slightly sterile state. The sofas have been replaced with a large meeting table. The Muse of Mischief, Agent Brzko, Ferocity, Nalau, Numia, Lelelu, Zri, ShyUst, and Xiix were all seated at the table.

M started to explain what they’d learned, or most of it anyway. “We learned a few things, but ended up with more questions. But here’s what we do know – Brzko and I are Clyrean, but this place is not where we’re from, it’s not even a planet.”

This piqued everyone’s interest.

Brzko jumped in, giving M a chance to take a sip of water. “The World Engine is a series of portals that lead other universes. There doesn’t seem to be any kind of map or guide to the other universes so it would be difficult to use the place to track the VReoria.”

“Is this place how they travel in multiverse?” The Empress asked.

“No.” M answered. “Only Clyreans can access Clyrea X9, well other beings can but they would need to be with a Clyrean. We were told that the VReoria exploit fractures between universes in order to travel between them.

“Told?” Ferocity asked.

“Yes.” Brzko started to answer.

M sent him a telepathic thought, “Don’t mention Wisssi or Nguvu yet.

“Told.” He continued without missing a second. “We met two other Clyreans, Agent Qmkos and the Muse of Banter.” He let that sink in for a second, but before he could continue, Numia raised her voice.

“Excuse me, may I speak?”

“Of course Numia, you don’t need to ask for permission first, you’re one of us.” M said.

“Thank you Muse of Mischief. Is there any chance of using these ‘portals’ for me to return to my home? She asked.

“We’re not sure yet. It seems like it, but it wouldn’t be easy since universes don’t have official names and there doesn’t seem to be any sort of guidance system.” M said.

“Oh I understand.” Numia said, leaning back in her chair.

“We would have to investigate each universe to see if it’s ‘the one.’ If we could find a way to get information from other Clyreans, and figure out a way to quickly identify the universe we’re looking for, that would speed the process.”

“Other Clyreans? Did you meet anyone other than the two you already mentioned?” Zri asked.

“No.” Brzko answered. “We’re not even sure how, or if we could contact other Clyreans. They told us that there is a certain ‘friction’ when we are near each other, and that Clyrea X9 somehow stifles the friction. I suspect that was the cause of the lightning when we first arrived on the surface.”

“So do you think what Baba said his grandfather told him about Clyreans scattering around the Universe is true?” Lelelu asked.

“Yes and no. Clyreans are scattered, but it could be intentional, not due to any actual event. And it’s not just throughout this Universe, it’s all universes.”

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