We’re landing now.” Ferocity projected to Agent Brzko and the Muse of Mischief. They headed out, so they would be there when they landed. Xiix was still recovering from his overindulgence.

The rear ramp descended from the back of Ferocity’s ship. He walked down the ramp, Nguvu followed a step behind him. “Lord Brzko, Muse of Mischief, I’m sure you remember Nguvu.” He said, motioning for her to step forward.

“Thank you for granting me the opportunity to live with Ferocity Muse of Mischief and Lord Brzko, I am in your debt.” She said, bowing her head. She was very different from the terrified, feisty little Dragon they had recently pulled out of a stasis tube on a VReoria ship.

“Welcome to Misko Nguvu.” Brzko said, extending his hand.

Whotov, with the impeccable timing of a seasoned butler, arrived, “Nguvu. Welcome. It’s good to see you again. If you will follow me, I’ll show you to your quarters so you can settle in.”

She nodded toward M and Brzko, then Ferocity, before dutifully following Whotov into her new home.

“How was the trip Ferocity?” Brzko asked.

“Fine.” There was something about his tone.

“But….” M inquired.

Ferocity looked past them, over the edge of the island to the shwarth sea, considering his words. “Dragona has a different feel now that Dragons have come out of hiding and taken a place in the Universe.”

“And do you think that’s a good thing?” Brzko asked.

“Yes. It’s long overdue.”

M and Brzko waited to see if he had more to offer, but he didn’t. He needed time to adjust to the idea of Dragons no longer isolating themselves.

“If you don’t need anything right now Lord Brzko I’d like to see how Xiix is. Maybe he’s ready to move into his new home. And I’d like to take Nguvu flying later. I need to assess her abilities.”

“Of course, we don’t need anything.”

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