Agent Brzko sat silently next to his bonded Dragon, Ferocity, waiting for the VReoria to drop their shields. The shields would only be down long enough for a transport to the surface, there was no margin for error. They were right next to the VReorian ship, but they were undetectable. They were cloaked.

Ferocity’s sentient ship understood the situation. It was maintaining a constant scan, waiting for the ship to drop it’s shields. Finally it happened. The ship fired three rapid energy pulses, dead on target. The shield emitter and engines were damaged beyond use. The ship instantly became visible. Aiming for the center of the ship, Brzko opened an aperture and went aboard the ship. As he did, he initiated his earcom link.

“The transporter is on board. You’re clear to board and begin the evacuation now.”

Zri answered for the combined fleet. “Roger that Brzko.”

He hadn’t even finished saying Brzko when the gallery where he had arrived began filling with Dragons. Their first task was to eliminate all VReoria, while they waited for the remainder of the combined fleet to arrive. Brzko couldn’t stay and help, there was another specimen ship that he needed to deal with. He went back to Ferocity’s ship.

Out the front of Ferocity’s ship, Brzko could see the other Dragon ships uncloaking and engaging the two VReoria guard ships. First one exploded, then the other.

“Raaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh!” Ferocity let out a roar that made Brzko’s ears ring.

“How far out is the fleet?” No sooner had Brzko asked then ships began appearing – Gaznzulian, Suus, Ploosnarian, Trelod. It was an amazing site – a mixed fleet of more than 200 ships. Brzko wished he could be fighting with them as Ferocity prepared to jump to the Glion Galaxy.

M, can you hear me?” Brzko reached for the love of his life, worried about how things had gone on the surface below them.

I’m here Brzko. I have Lelelu, are you still in orbit?

Yes, preparing to jump.”

Jump will initiate in twenty seconds M.” Ferocity projected.

The Muse of Mischief didn’t waste any time speaking, she took Lelelu’s arm and opened an aperture to Ferocity’s ship in orbit above them. Brzko jumped out of his seat and went to her, scooping her up in a tight hug, kissing her neck. “M!” He released her just as the ship jumped and they all three fell to the floor when the ship lurched. Jump drives created a little turbulence so they stayed put. Brzko leaned forward and embraced Lelelu.

“Lelelu, are you OK?” he asked.

She just looked at him and shook her head yes, then no.

“What’s wrong? Are you injured?”

She just stared at him, in a state of total shock.

M answered for her. “The VReoria have her father on that specimen ship.”

“What! How?”

The ship lurched again. “We’re here.” Ferocity said, standing up. He walked over to M and Lelelu and offered his hand to help them up. Brzko went to the front and looked at the scene, the VReoria specimen ship was visible, it had been immobilized, and the shield emitters destroyed. The debris field behind the ship suggested that the two guard ships had already been destroyed. The VReoria specimen ship was surrounded by Dragon ships. Lots of Dragon ships, it was going to take a few more minutes for the rest of the combined fleet to get here. “They will be waiting for you on this ship. You need to take me with you this time.” Ferocity said.

“OK, let’s go. You hold them off with fire, or ice if you prefer, and I’ll start trying to deactivate the status tubes.”

“As you wish Lord Brzko.”

Brzko turned to M. “I know you want to come, but stay here with Lelelu until the rest of the fleet arrives.”

“Yeah, I will. I don’t want to leave her alone.”

Brzko kissed her cheek, picked up the transport receiver, took Ferocity’s arm and they left Ferocity’s ship.

M rummaged through a storage bin and found something that would function as a blanket. Lelelu was in shock and needed to be kept warm. She activated her earcom link and tried to reach Zri. “Zri, what’s your eta?”

“Less than a minute until I’m close enough to transport. How’s Lelelu?”

“Before shock set in she said she was uninjured.” M answered.

Zri transported to Ferocity’s ship. “Lelelu, Le…” He lifted her off the floor and just held her.

She looked up at him like she wasn’t sure where she was. “Zri?” She desperately grabbed onto him, “Zri! Oh Zri!” She began to sob.

M put her hand on Zri’s forearm, “Take care of her.” and went to the VReorian ship.

Zri was anxious to join the fight, but Lelelu was his priority. He would stay on Ferocity’s ship with her until she regained herself.

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