The exchange was to take place on Cazoova, in a remote, forested area. The Muse of Mischief went to Suus to check on her clone.

So how do I control it?” She was in Kiik’s lab, looking at an exact replica of herself. It was very disturbing.

You only have to think commands to it – use your telepathic abilities.” Kiik projected. “Try it now. Tell it to walk forward.

The Muse of Mischief looked at herself that wasn’t her and thought about it walking forward. She almost jumped when it did. It didn’t stop, she realized she had to tell it to stop. She thought about the clone stopping and it did.

How does that work? Do we have some sort of link or can anyone control it?

It is possible because the only area of the brain that we allowed to develop was the telepathic receivers. It has been conditioned to accept commands from only two beings… you or me. I am a safety net, just in case.

I understand. We need to go. I want to be on Cazoova before the VReoria transport to the surface. Are the scan jamming shields active?” She asked looking at the device strapped to her bicep.

Kiik picked up a handheld scanner and first scanned M from head to toe, then scanned the clone. “Yes, your lifesign is being transmitted from the clone. You are undetectable to scans.

OK, then I guess we’re ready.

Good luck M, if there is anything I can do…” Kiik didn’t know how to finish that so instead she stepped forward and embraced M with all four of her arms.

When Kiik released her, M reached for Agent Brzko and Ferocity, “Is everyone in position.

Affirmative.” Ferocity answered.

Yes M, everyone is ready. If anything goes wrong reach for me. I’ll be there.

OK Brzko. But it’s going to be a breeze. I’m female but not…

feeble.” They finished together.

She took her clone’s arm and left Kiik’s lab. They arrived near the coordinates of the exchange, but not quite close enough to see it. M quickly surveyed the area, finding a grove of whapus trees near the exchange site. With their thick wide trunks, they provide the cover she needs to stay out of site. Still holding her clone’s arm she walks to the far side of the grove, keeping the exchange site visible. M has the clone step past the tree line, out into the open to wait. After a few minutes she sees four VReoria materialize, Lelelu is sandwiched between them with her wrists bound. M moves her clone toward them and tells is to speak.

“Release Lelelu!”

“Not yet.” One of the VReoria responds. “Keep walking toward us.”

M moves her clone forward a little more, but once again has it stop. It stays silent and motionless, waiting for the next command. But the VReoria are intimidated, the lack of emotion from what they think is the Muse of Mischief confuses them. They don’t want the Muse of Mischief to change her mind, Lelelu has little value to them, and suddenly they second guess themselves and wonder if she may not have as much value to the Muse of Mischief as they thought.

One of the VReoria in the front turns to Lelelu and unlocks her restraint. It drops to the soil beneath with a sickening thump. “Walk toward the Muse of Mischief. If either of you attempt to escape you will be shot.” The point was emphasized with the raising of a weapon.

Lelelu walks slowly toward the Muse of Mischief, M moves the clone forward very slowly. As soon as Lelelu is near enough, she directed the clone to speak. “As soon as you pass me, run to the trees. Do not stop.”

“M, wait I….” Lelelu protests. By this time she was right next to Lelelu.

M turns the clone’s head to face Lelelu, “RUN!”

Lelelu was shocked and frightened, her dearest friend had never been so cold. But she knew there was no choice, she followed the instructions. M moved the clone forward as Lelelu neared the trees.

Something was wrong, the VReoria seemed agitated. Two of them transported back to the ship. They must have been informed of the attack. One of them ran forward and grabbed the clone, M had it go limp and fall to the ground. This confused the VReoria, he looked up at the sky and let out a blood curdling scream – it’s long tentacled appendages sticking straight out as it screamed. Their plan was falling apart. The other VReoria rushed to his side to assist in lifting and carrying what they thought was the Muse of Mischief.

Lelelu hit the tree line and kept running. She ran right past the real Muse of Mischief. That was fine, M didn’t want to stop her yet – she wasn’t sure what kind of range the VReorian weapons had.

M peeked around the tree that had been providing her cover. One of the VReoria had picked up the clone, the other stood nearby. They were about the return to their ship. She activated the small explosive hidden inside the clone, it and both of the remaining VReoria were vaporized.

“Lelelu!” The Muse of Mischief yelled as loudly as she could as she took off running in the direction Lelelu had gone.

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