Le! They’re coming for you. Le?”

She was instantly up and ready to defend herself when she heard her father in her head. “I’m ready Baba.”

The smell of the VReoria was so strong that she could smell them before they even opened the door. When the door opened they did not enter. Four VReoria stood just outside the door, looking at her. “Extend your arms.” One of them commanded. She had no intention of making this easy for them and wanted to resist, but there was no point. Four VReoria could easily overpower her, she extended her arms.

Don’t fight them Le, it will make it worse. They will gladly hurt you to make you comply.”

I know Baba.” she thought, wondering if he could hear her thoughts.

A shackle of some sort was placed around her wrists, there was a chain attached to it so she could be led like a dog. The VReoria began to walk away from her, giving the chain a yank. She stumbled and barely kept her balance, following them. Two more VReoria fell in behind her. They walked down a long hallway and then turned into an open area, it was some sort of a transport. They led her into the center of the room, she heard something start humming and the VReoria in front of her began to turn transparent, as did she.

Lelelu could tell by the gravity and air pressure, they were on the surface of Cazoova. She started scanning the area, looking for the Muse of Mischief or some clue as to what was about to happen.

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