Luckily Dragons are very disciplined. Otherwise heated debates, such as the one the Great Assembly was in the midst of, could end in flames. They had gathered in the great hall to discuss a proposal that had been made by their newest, and youngest member.

“Yes this seems drastic, but we must take action. It is time to emerge from our seclusion. We can offer assistance without opening Dragona to strangers.” Hasira said.

The Great Assembly of Dragona was seated at a round table in the center of the great hall. The walls were lit with the red flames burning in the sconces.  Haurangi, the second eldest, fondled his medallion while he took a moment to consider his response.

“We barely survived the VReoria. It has taken us many years to recover from their enslavement.”

“But we are recovering, and no beings have more experience fighting the VReoria than Dragons. We owe it to all beings in the Universe to come out of hiding and help put an end to them.”

“If they return to Dragona, we may not survive another attack from them.”

“If we do not help the others put an end to this, they surely WILL return, and probably more powerful than they were last time. We cannot live our lives in fear, there is no honor in that.”

This last comment made many of the Dragons at the table begin clicking, communicating in one of their ancient languages.

Kwaai raised his scepter, commanding their attention, “A vote.”

To Hasira’s surprise, all but Haurangi stood and vowed “With Hasira.” Even Kwaai.

Kwaii looked at Haurangi, “Haurangi, the Great Assembly of Dragona has voted to end our seclusion. We will no longer live in hiding, we are to take our rightful place in the Universe. Will you consider changing your vote, making this a unanimous decision?”

They all looked at Haurangi, waiting for his response. He stood, “We are stronger together, I will support this decision.”

Kwaii nodded to Haurangi, “Thank you Haurangi, the Great Assembly benefits from your presence, and your concerns will help to keep us cautious.” He turned to Hasira, “Inform Ferocity that you will attend the meetings on the Planet of Portals as our representative. When there is a plan in place the Dragons will be ready to assist.”

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