The logistics of getting two time traveling superheroes, one Dragon, one Ploosnarian, one Trelod, one Gaznzulian, and two Suus to Myaad in less than a day was a little complicated, but nothing that the group wasn’t used to. Ferocity jumped over to Suus and picked up Ciic and Muum – riding with him to Myaad was a momentous occasion for Ciic to say the least. And vice versa – Ferocity being charged with transporting the ruler of Suus and her spouse was equally momentus. Lelelu, Zri, and Empress Nalau, all made it on time in their own ships. The Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko of course didn’t need ships.

In the early hours of the morning everyone, with the exception of Kiik and her team, gathered in the garden area near the Bivoor administration building. The same Bivoor that had taken the lead on organizing the return of the Rogsaars was in charge today. But something had changed, M detected more confidence, better communication, and a desire to lead. She wondered if this would lead to further cultural changes for a species made up of clones. The devastation of aberidus had really taken a toll on all of the Bivoors, Dumeers and Rogsaars. Everyone here had played a part in helping them overcome it. Today was the final  piece – the eggs were about to hatch. Kiik and her team have been monitoring the development and are sure that there is no sign of the disease. But after watching so many die, the Myaads are of course nervous. They need to see for themselves that aberidus no longer infects their hives.

Bivoor addressed the group, “Friends – both old and new, all of Myaad is grateful to you. Without you the Myaad would have ceased to exist. We are once again honored by your presence. I have just been informed that the first three Rogsaars have emerged. They appear to be fine.”

Everyone voiced their relief. Once it was quiet, Bivoor continued, “Kiik and her team will complete a medical scan of each of them. Once that is done, their caregiver will take them to their residence.”

“So they’ll be raised separately, in individual residences instead of a traditional nursery?” M asked.

“Yes, initially we considered our traditional nursery methods for raising the newest Myaads. While that is more efficient, if there is a recurrence of aberidus, or any other problems it would also be more devastating. The Bivoor also agree that because of what we’ve been through, we have the potential to over-shelter these new Myaads, and that could have detrimental effects on their development. They will each be raised in a separate home. Their guardians will be bringing each of them through the garden on their way home. In fact here they come now.”

Everyone turned in the direction Bivoor was looking, walking toward them were three pairs of Rogsaars – each pair consisted of an adult and an identical looking child. The children were about the size of a five year old human. The first pair stopped at the edge of the garden, Nalau was the closest to them. She gracefully knelt down, with her long blue skirt fanning out behind her.

“Hello young Rogsaar. We are all so pleased to meet you.” The child just gazed at her, not frightened, but clearly not able to comprehend her words. Nalau stood back up and addressed the adult Rogsaar, asking what everyone but Bivoor was wondering. “How long will it take for language skills to develop?”

“We don’t know for sure. Learning begins immediately but full comprehension could take three months.”

The Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko recognized this Rogsaar as soon as he spoke. It was the Rogsaar that had been abandoned on Jinn. The one that had introduced them to Afrit the Great.

Brzko stepped forward with his hand out, “Rogsaar! It’s a pleasure to see you! It looks like you are adjusting well to being back on Myaad.”

Rogsaar let go of the child and accepted Brzko’s extended hand, “Hello Agent Brzko. Yes, yes, I am very pleased to be back on Myaad. And I am honored to be able to raise one of the first Rogsaars.”

The child began to wander as soon as Rogsaar’s hand accepted Brzkos. It only seemed that the young Rogsaar wandered though – stopping in front of Zri the young Rogsaar looked up at him, pointed and grunted.

Kneeling next to the child Bivoor did not scold or correct the young Rogsaar, but instead turned this into a teaching moment. “This is a Gaznzulian.” Young Rogsaar turned and looked at Bivoor. “Gaz-n-zu-li-an.”

The young Rogsaar attempted to say Gaznzulian, it was really just grunting. Now satisfied at knowing what Zri was, the child returned to its guardian.

“I didn’t realize the positive impact that having you all here would create. For these young Myaads, to see so many different species within hours of emerging from the hive, I suspect this will create a curiosity within them.” Bivoor said.

“Myaad is going to evolve.” Nalau said.

“Yes, and we are ready for it.” Bivoor replied. “These Myaad will be different than any others.”

By now there were several young Rogsaars with adult Rogsaars in the garden. The positive energy was unmistakable. In all, it took a little over two hours for all thirty of the young Myaads to leave the hive. Once they were all settled with their guardians the group lingered in the gardens. There were a few Bivoors, Dumeers, and Rogsaars with them. It had been such a momentous day, no one wanted it to end. As the conversations began to wind down, M noticed Kiik and her two assistants coming toward them from the hives.

Hello Kiik.” M projected to her.

Muse of Mischief, hello.” She projected back.

When she, and her assistants arrived both Ciic and the lead Bivoor went to them.

“Kiik, thank you. With your help we have successfully cured the hives. We could not have done it without the help of the Suus.” Bivoor said.

Kiik deferred to Ciic, and let her answer. “It was our pleasure. We all owe our gratitude to Kiik, her determination and commitment to restoring the hives has honored all Suus. This is why she will no longer be Lead Researcher of Suus.

Kiik’s confusion could be felt by everyone.

Ciic continued, “She is now our Interplanetary Excursionist AND Lead Researcher. She will command a small fleet of ships, with the freedom to come and go from Suus as needed. Her accomplishments have demonstrated that more can be accomplished with a strong leader as our point of contact for working with other beings.

Kiik was quiet for a moment, speechless, as if she weren’t telepathic. “Thank you for this honor. I will serve Suus to the best of my abilities.

This was a big change for the Suus. Because they maintained the largest database of any beings, they often helped others by providing information when asked. But adding excursionist to the researcher’s role meant that they would now be looking for opportunities to help others, rather than waiting to be asked. One by one everyone offered their congratulations to Kiik.

When it was M’s turn, Kiik projected a private message to her, “Muse of Mischief I am indebted to you. Thank you.

Me? Why would you be indebted to me? This was all Ciic.” M projected back.

Surely you had something to do with this.”

No, nothing more than asking for help. But you can bet I’ll be calling on you for more help in the future. Especially now that you command a small fleet of ships. Are you ready for all that adventure.

As long as I can consult with you and Agent Brzko, I’m ready.

The Bivoors had arranged for a meal to be prepared and offered to the visitors. This turned out to be a good thing because none of them really wanted to leave. As the leader of Suus, Ciic rarely gave herself the opportunity to leave her home planet. The meal didn’t appeal to any of the Suus because they only ingest vapors, but they were enjoying everyone’s company. Lelelu and Zri always enjoyed being on assignment together. And while they did get to see each other frequently, their responsibilities sometimes made it challenging. The most enjoyment was had by Empress Nalau. After a conversation with Bivoor she came to find M.

“Why didn’t you tell me M?” Nalau said taking a seat next to M at the table where she was sitting.

“Sorry, tell you what?”

“That having a child would actually give me more freedom! I have so enjoyed this trip. It will not be my last.”

M laughed. “Honestly Nalau, I didn’t see that coming. But it makes sense. I mean if Bartala committed to being the main parent, then you gain freedom. Uh-oh. You might need some larger closets. I have a feeling you’ll be doing some shopping.”

“Could I pass for human on Earth?” Nalau’s question surprised M. The shock showed on her face. “Oh sorry, M. I didn’t mean to surprise you.”

“Oh no worries Nalau, you just surprised me. But I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. Why wouldn’t you want to see new places, places you’ve heard about but not been? Yes, with the right wardrobe you could pass for human on Earth.”

“Splendid! Can we plan a trip?”

Brzko caught that just as he walked up to where the ladies were sitting. “A trip where?”

“Earth, Brzko. I’d like to see Earth.”

“Oh! OK. You might enjoy some things about it.”

“I’m sure I will. Well, when we have time maybe we could plan a quick trip. Right now I need to depart, I want to get back to Bartala and Wisssi.”

After thanking the Bivoors, and saying their goodbyes everyone headed home. Of course for the Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko, it was instant.

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