The Schwarth Sea is bordered to the north by Unilond, Luchybos to the west, Qoshnides to the east and open land to the south. It’s by far the largest sea on the Planet of Portals, it covers at least a quarter of the planet’s surface. There are numerous islands scattered near Unilond and Luchybos, some are vacant, some are privately owned. It’s here that the Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko have decided to build their new home. The Planet of Portals is an advanced planet with outstanding security and self-defense capabilities. They have been welcoming travelers for so long that the population has become completely diversified. Trelods are native to the Planet of Portals but they only make up about 40% of the resident population, the remainder are immigrants such as M and Brzko.

The Planet of Portals is governed by a ruling council, which is also quite diverse. There are very few laws, because there doesn’t need to be with advanced beings. For the most part everyone here behaves with dignity and respect.

M and Brzko have decided to combine their names and call their island Misko. When they purchased Misko there was one ancient stone structure – a castle that was built centuries ago. All that was really left of it was three wall, one of which was a great three story stone structure that looks out over the rocky cliffs above the Schwarth Sea. They had intended to remove it and start with all new buildings but when Ferocity saw the grand stone walls it reminded him of the structures on Dragona. So they kept it. They had the existing walls and roof repaired, rebuilt the fourth wall, and updated the infrastructure to the latest technology. A landing pad and hanger were built next to the castle for Ferocity’s ship. The interior now consists of a few standard rooms, a bathing room, sleeping quarters, and library and a kitchen with butler quarters. But the main area has been left wide open – it’s more than adequate for Ferocity to spread his wings.

M and Brzko have not revealed the details of his new home to him, he only knows that they agreed to renovate the old castle walls for him. In fact no one but Zri has seen Misko since it was purchased. Zri oversaw the installation of all of the security and technology systems, he spared them nothing. Misko is literally a fortress. M and Brzko had a home built for themselves from the native stones of the Planet of Portals, it’s large enough for all of their interests. Their books alone take up the walls of a room that’s as large as Ferocity’s hanger. It sits near Ferocity’s renovated castle, but not too near. It too sits above the cliffs on the edge of the sea.

There are two other structures, also overlooking the cliffs. They are smaller versions of M and Brzko’s residence, but each has an attached hanger with a landing pad. One is intended for Lelelu and the other for other guests as needed – likely Emperor Bartala and Empress Nalau, or Ciic and Muum from Suus.

These four structures sit in a semi-circle on the high side of the island, the other side of the island gently slopes down to fantastic black sand beaches. There are numerous trails, gazebos, and sitting areas built into the landscape which is as nice as any botanical garden.

Zri and his team have been checking and double checking all of the security systems to make sure that everything is functional.

“Have you found any issues Zri?” Brzko asked.

“No, everything is functioning properly.”

“Good. Because M will be here with Lelelu any second.”

Just as Brzko said this M appeared with Lelelu in tow.

“Hey Lelelu, welcome to Misko.” Brzko said.

They are outside in the gardens near M and Brzko’s residence. Lelelu slowly turns a complete circle, taking it all in. “Oh that must be Ferocity’s old castle. Wow! I love the way you had them keep it looking old. Has he seen it yet?”

“No, you’re the first.” M said.

“This house over here is the one we had built for you. We know you don’t want to give up your main house but we thought it was important for you to have private quarters here, for anytime you stay over.” M explains.

“You had a house built for me? Zri! You knew and you didn’t even tell me.” She walks over to Zri and punches him playfully, and then kisses him on the cheek. He embraces her.

M and Brzko watch this with surprise, they probably looked like idiots with their chins hanging down. They had no idea that Zri and Lelelu were partners, they’d been so focused on Misko for the last few months that they hadn’t really paid attention to anything else. They were both trying to think of something to say but luckily Zri rescued them.

“You’re not surprised are you?” He teases.

“Well, yeah a little.” Brzko said. “But we should have known.”

“We wanted to keep it to ourselves until we were sure. We all work so well together and if things didn’t work out we didn’t want it to create any tension. So we figured it was best to keep a low profile until we made it official.”

M embraces Lelelu. “I’m happy for you Lelelu, he’s a good one.”

“What about me?” Zri pretend whines.

“OK, I’m happy for too.” M said embracing one of her oldest friends. “And really it’s about time. You’re lucky she waited for you. Wait, what do you mean official?”

Lelelu holds out her left wrist so they can see the thin silver band she wears, as is the custom with Trelods to signify that they have a partner.

Before Brzko can comment on their new status he hears Ferocity.

I’m here Lord Brzko.”

Great, you have the landing coordinates correct?

Affirmative. Am I clear to land?


M was also able to hear Ferocity telepathically, Lelelu and Zri had been around them enough to know when they were communicating with him.

“Is it Ferocity? Is he here?” Lelelu asked.

“Yes, there he is.” Brzko points to a small ship quickly descending to the landing pad next to Ferocity’s castle.

They wait for him to power down the ship and then walk over to greet him. The ramp in the rear of his ship descends and Ferocity walks out. They were all surprised to see Whotov, who had served as his butler while he lived at Bartala’s palace, follow him out of the ship.

“Whotov! I thought you had decided to stay on Ploosnar.” Brzko said, shaking his hand.

“Lord Brzko,” He said accepting Brzko’s hand. “Upon reflection, I realized that my life would be far to boring should I stay on Ploosnar. I am too old to serve in the palace and I do not want to retire. So if it is still acceptable, I should quite enjoy continuing to serve as butler to Ferocity the Dragon.”

“Of course, of course Whotov. We’re happy that you’ve decided to stay with Ferocity. Are you ready to see your new home Ferocity?” Brzko asked.

“Why don’t you show them around Ferocity’s house and I’ll show Lelelu and Zri around hers.” M said.

It didn’t take them long to settle into their new homes. And while Lelelu has no intention of giving up the house that had been in her family for generations, she is enjoying having another house that she can escape to. Especially one in a stunning location like Misko. Ferocity is delighted with his new home, but not just the home. The Schwarth Sea to the south of Misko is vast, he finds this wide open area a great area to fly. It reminds him of his home world, Dragona. After spending so many years alone on Trella, with only his sentient ship for company, he is relieved to be near his bond, Lord Brzko. The two work well together.

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