The attempted capture of the Muse of Mischief and Agent Brzko by the VReoria had surprised everyone. But they were prepared and had reacted properly, and everyone was fine. It certainly wasn’t the first time M and Brzko found themselves in danger. Even Emperor Bartala and Empress Nalau seemed to be fine. They were happy to be heading home – they expected to arrive the next morning. The only one that wasn’t OK was Zri.

Neither M nor Brzko could sleep knowing that Zri was probably still beating himself up for the encounter with the VReoria. They found him in the common room staring out the window.

“Did you manage to get any sleep?” Brzko asked as they entered the room.

“No, I didn’t see the point in trying.”

“Zri how long ago was it that the Brusher was hunting for me and Brzko?” M asked.

“It was a few days before we left for Trella.”

“And in the last five years, how times has someone been chasing or stalking me or Brzko?”

“Uhhh, at least ten, maybe fifteen that I know of. Why?” He pulled his gaze from the window and looked at her. He didn’t see what she was up to yet.

“So isn’t it fair to say that this is all in a day’s work, and you’re really just upset because you think that you alone were responsible for everyone’s safety on this trip. But everyone on this ship, maybe with the exception of Ferocity, knows what Brzko and I do, and knows that we are constantly faced with danger. And everyone here is smart enough to know that being with us, could put them near that danger. But they also know that being with us is one of the safest places to be. Get past this Zri, get past it and help us work on where we go from here. Don’t let this ruin the fine memories we all have from this trip. This trip was like nothing we’ve done before, and I expect to do it again.” Brzko touched her arm, concerned that she was pushing him too hard.

Zri was silent for what seemed like a long time, contemplating what his friend was telling him. “M, would you please do me a favor and stay out of my head. I really hate it when you do that, when you use logic to make me accept things I cannot change.” He was softening.

“If we had not gone to Trella, Brzko would not have been reunited with Ferocity, true?” “Yes.” he affirmed.

“If we had not gone to Trella, Brzko and I may have encountered the VReoria while alone, or worse in a highly populated area without the ability to call upon Dragona to… shall we say neutralize them, true?”

“Yes.” he affirmed.

“And you took the proper precautions, everyone was prepared, and handled the situation flawlessly, true?”

“Yes.” he affirmed. She was breaking through.

“And if we had not gone to Trella, you would not have figured out that you have a taste for espidrun, nor would you have given yourself permission to relax and hang out with old friends and get to know new ones, true?”

“Yes.” He affirmed, this time he smiled.

The Muse of Mischief took hold of Agent Brzko with one arm, and Zri the Gaznzulian Commander with the other, “Then let’s go get a bottle of espidrun, and tonight we will be nothing more than old friends.”

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