The group approached the Suus ship from the palace side, opposite the side where the Rogsaars were gathered. All of the Rogsaars were there, even those staying on Ploosnar or returning to where ever they had made new lives. The Suus stood in formation next to the ramp; today they were using the doorway on the long side of their ship. The ramp was decorated with the tall banners they had been carrying when they arrived on Ploosnar a few days ago. Kiik was standing at the base of the ramp, as the group approached, she stepped forward and address Bartala.

“Emperor Bartala on behalf of the Suus I would like to thank you and Empress Nalau for your hospitality and generosity. The Suus are better for having made this alliance with Ploosnar. Should you need our assistance in the future please do not hesitate to call upon us.” she projected as she bowed toward the royal couple.

Bartala stepped forward and clasped both of Kiik’s lower hands in his own, “It has been our sincere pleasure to host you and your team Kiik. We will see you on Myaad in a few days.”

With pleasantries exchanged the group prepared what looked like a receiving line. Kiik’s team boarded the ship, no doubt to direct the Rogsaars once they were onboard. Kiik stood at the base of the ramp, Emperor Bartala next to her, then Empress Nalau, then the Muse of Mischief, then Agent Brzko, then Lelelu.

Nalau leaned toward M and whispered in her ear, “M switch places with me. You have had more to do with the Rogsaars returning home than I have.” She stepped behind M, intent on taking her place.

M shifted over next to Bartala just as the Rogsaars approached in single file. First in line was the Rogsaar from Earth. Agent Brzko extended his hand. “Rogsaar, I’m so glad we were able to help you return to…”

Before he could finish speaking Rogsaar lurched forward and embraced him. “Rogsaar so happy, so grateful. Brzko, you saved me from a sad, lonely life.” He continued on down the line without further comment, as did the remaining Rogsaars that were returning to Myaad.

“Well, I guess that’s all of them Kiik. I understand you want to have everyone settled in before you leave for Myaad in the   morning.   Should   you   need   anything…”   Bartala   was interrupted by someone yelling.

“Hey, hey Kiik, don’t leave yet sister!  Kiik wait a minute.” It was Afrit the Great of Jinn running toward them waving his hands in the air. In a flash, the palace guards were in front of him blocking his path as he neared the landing pad.

“Its OK let him pass.” Bartala called to the guards.

Afrit the Great was smoothing his clothes as he walked toward them, as though the guards had soiled him, “I don’t understand why your guards are so tense.”

“I am the emperor and you cannot just run up to an emperor.” Bartala said.

“Emperor, right.” Afrit said dismissively, waving his hand as if being Emperor were no more important than a pesky insect. He approached Kiik, “I just wanted to say goodbye and thank you Kiik. I’m glad to have met a Suus that I like.”

Kiik projected, “Goodbye Afrit the Great, thank you for the navigational charts you have shared with us. We are grateful. You are not going to attend the reception on Myaad?”

“No, nope, I’m just not feeling” it sister. I’m hitching a

ride back to Jinn with that Rogsaar over there,” he pointed to one of the Rogsaars that was staying behind. “I appreciate Bartala’s hospitality but eh… I’ve seen enough of Ploosnar. Besides I need some good food. The food here!” He said rolling his eyes.

Bartala took a step forward, ready to confront Afrit the Greta’s comment about the food. Nalau stopped him by pinching his arm. It would only draw things out. Brzko turned his head in order to stifle a laugh, the scene was quite comical.

“Thank you all, we will see you soon on Myaad.” Kiik projected as she turned and walked up the ramp, entering her ship. The ramp lifted, closing the entrance.

“Well, that’s that then. Hey if you guys are ever near Jinn feel free to stop in and look me up.” Afrit the Great said as he walked away.

They stared after him, all a little dumbfounded at Afrit’s casual departure.

“Who wants nekmid?” Bartala called loudly as he began walking toward the palace.

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